Contracting Officers


Superior Minds LLC is a 8(a) small business. We have significant contracting advantages compared to other small business firms.

Download our Capabilities Statement by clicking here.

  • Faster procurement Prior to a solicitation contracting officers can work jointly with Superior Minds to reduce procurement time and streamline the contract process.
  • Cannot protest awards Awards to Superior Minds LLC cannot be protested; 13 CFR 124.517(a).
  • $4 million contract ceiling You can sole source Superior Minds up to $4 million.
  • Meet your 8(a) and Small Business Goals Contracting with Superior Minds, Inc. will satisfy DoD’s 8(a) and small business contracting goals.

Sole SourceDirect-Award How to

  • Send an 8(a) Offer Letter to our Richmond SBA contact at RDOfferLetters@sba.gov. Please see Offer Letter Guidance/Sample here
  • Wait to receive the SBA’s Letter of Approval (approximately 3 days)
  • Send Request for Proposal to Superior Minds
  • Superior Minds submits proposal
  • Award the Sole Source contract to Superior Minds